Consumer Loans – Where Can I Borrow Money?



As a student, you usually do not have so much money between your hands, and sometimes it can be difficult to afford what you need. It can be a new bike, a skiing holiday with friends, or perhaps expensive books for the studio. Whatever you need, a consumer loan can be a temporary help when you need some air in the budget.

Here we look at your opportunities to take up an online consumer loan as a student at SU, and we help you get the best through the process.


Where can I borrow money despite


Where can I borrow money despite SU?


When you are at SU it will usually not be possible to go down to the bank and borrow money. Here, they demand that you have a certain income that your SU will not usually cover. However, there are other ways to borrow money today.

The most obvious option is to go to one of the many online providers that offer consumer loans. Here the requirements are somewhat milder than in the bank, and that means that you actually also have the opportunity to borrow money as a student at SU. See where you can look for consumer loans online here .

However, there are still some rules and criteria that you have to live up to. First, it is only possible for you to borrow money when you are 18 years of age. That being said, most providers actually require you to be 20 or 21 years of age. Secondly, you must be a Danish citizen and / or have a Danish national registry address.

The last absolute requirement that the vast majority of providers present is that you must not be registered in the RKI or the Debtor Register as a bad payer. If you live up to these requirements, you basically have the opportunity to borrow money.

However, be aware that the online providers also require you to present a fixed income. It varies greatly from company to company whether there is a real requirement for the size of this income. In some, it will be enough to have a fixed income in the form of SU, while others will require a higher amount. Therefore, it may be beneficial for you who have a leisure job next to your studio so that you can present pay slips and a higher income.


Are there special rules for consumer loans 


Are there special rules for consumer loans when I am at SU?


In principle, the same rules apply to you at SU, as applies to all other applicants. You can borrow just the amount you want for just the purpose you want – as long as you meet the requirements. You can benefit from using the site here to compare the different companies and find those that are relevant to you.

That way you can sort in all the companies and apply only to those who will accept you with your current starting point. Keep in mind that it is always completely free and non-binding to apply, so it doesn’t hurt to send an application to see what the provider can offer you. Also look for more with you, so you have the opportunity to compare your offers and choose the cheapest.

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